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Your Practice, everywhere!

Espresso MD is a different, better, EHR. Built for speed and simplicity, tempered by unmatched flexibility, and protected by powerful safety mechanisms.

*** FREE Speech Recognition Available – Dictate your charts! ***

We believe you are your own Medical Practice. Unlike other EHRs, Espresso MD is for You, the Doctor, not the Health Organization – so wherever you are, Espresso MD will always keep your patients’ history with you.

Espresso MD is your Electronic Health Record on the Cloud.

Brutally simple, fast and clean! It will even work when you have no Internet connection, waiting until one is available to synchronize all information created in the meantime.

Espresso MD works with chart and assessment templates, providing you with a wide variety of tools to speed up your clinical documentation work. Just pick the charts, forms, assessments and scores you need to assess your patients and keep track of them. We already cover several medical and healthcare specialties, but if we missed yours please let us know and we’ll get it done – FREE of charge.

We also believe You know best, so Espresso MD does not enforce any restrictive, tedious rules – since time is critical, every field is fully optional! Fill them only when convenient.

But, where can you use Espresso MD?
– In your private practice…
– On house calls…
– In your hospital rounds…
– At home, when reviewing cases…
Basically anywhere!

* Some more features of Espresso MD: *

Safe and Secure
– We implement all industry standards and go way beyond them. All your data is encrypted and protected to and from your device.

One-handed clinical documentation
– Spend the least amount of time entering clinical data, nevertheless maintaining information quality. Espresso MD enables you (the Medical Doctor) to fill clinical patient data only with one hand.

Only 3 taps away from functionality
– You are always very busy and in the process of saving lives. Bearing that in mind, we made it possible for you to never spend more than 3 taps away from accessing important patient data.

Review patients’ previous charts and assessments with visual highlighting of changes
– Espresso MD has been designed to facilitate the revision process in the best of ways: we do the hard work, you get the relevant conclusions. Meaning, we check for all differences on past clinical evaluations, assessments and scores, and then hand over to you an historical change profile with the modifications clearly pointed out.

Associate patients with Contacts
– Espresso allows you to associate your patients with your contacts – and does so seamlessly and totally nifty. Oh, and if you need to call or e-mail somebody you can do so with great ease, straight from Espresso MD.

Export your data
– The clinical information that you create on your day-to-day practice belongs to you, not to your device. Espresso MD knows that and is already prepared to export and send the data over the web under the form of comprehensive reports, away from the tiny clutches of your device.

Work from your Mac / PC or any other device
– Check for a list of supported platforms.

How to get started:
1. Download the App
2. Create your Account
3. Start keeping track of your patients

*** This app requires you to register for the Espresso MD EHR service. Try it for FREE for 30 days. ***

*** If you have questions or issues, please write to We cannot reply to reviews. ***

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