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Mobilize Your Personal Health Information

The AlwaysMed Mobile App brings electronic personal health records to your iPhone or Android smartphone. It’s the best replacement there is for cumbersome and unreliable paper-based medical records and the perfect complement to your AlwaysMed account.
Here’s How
In order to use our FREE AlwaysMed Mobile App, you’ll need to:

1. Sign –in to your account on the AlwaysMed website
2. Obtain a Medical ID (MID)
3. Choose a password
4. Download our app from the App Store (for iPhone) or the Android Market (for Android smartphones)
5. Sign-on using your MID and password to gain instant access to your Personal Health Profile
The intuitive interface makes using the app easy and error-free.
Your Health Information is Always Safe, Secure and Available
Other smartphone apps keep all of your critical medical information locally, on your phone, where it’s vulnerable to loss from damage or theft. But, with the AlwaysMed Mobile App, all of the information in your Personal Health Profile stays safe and secure on our servers. You’ll never need to worry about losing health information if your phone or tablet is damaged, lost, or stolen. You’ll always have immediate access to your Profile using any computer connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world.
AlwaysMed is a complete and comprehensive system designed to hold all your medical information and make it immediately available when and where it’s needed. The Mobile App is part of the system, NOT the whole system.
What’s more, the AlwaysMed system meets or exceeds the strict privacy and security requirements of the federal HIPAA regulations. No matter how you access your information, your privacy and your health data is secured by multiple layers of redundancy, encrypted files, trained and certified professional staff and protected facilities.
Include Your Whole Family
Use the AlwaysMed Mobile App to maintain and access medical records for everyone in your family.
Always Be Ready in an Emergency
The first seven minutes in a medical emergency are critical and having access to a complete Personal Health Profile can make the difference between life and death. And, first responders are trained to search for medical information on a victim’s person. The AlwaysMed Mobile App ensures that your critical medical information—and the medical information for everyone in your family—is immediately available to first responders and ER physicians.
In the event that there is no cell phone service where an emergency takes place, you’ll also have your password -protected AlwaysMed Wallet USB Flash Drive card, which can be used with any computer. And, even if there’s no computer available, your AlwaysMed Medical Emergency Wallet Card contains the most critical health information. With AlwaysMed, you’re always protected.
It’s a Complete Health Profile
Your Personal Health Profile is a truly complete and comprehensive medical information database that includes emergency contacts, insurance information, doctors’ contact information, immunizations, allergies, medications and much, much more. And, it’s all immediately accessible and updateable via the Internet and your AlwaysMed Mobile App.
We’re Independent and Dedicated to You
AlwaysMed is an independent organization with NO affiliations to any hospitals, physician organizations, Diagnostic centers, labs, insurance carriers, or government agencies. This means that with AlwaysMed, you’re always in full and complete control of your medical information. It’s your information; we just help you take care of it.

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