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The main feature of this app is to show the actual pollen and mold counts for southeastern Wisconsin, as measured at the office of the Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center in Greenfield. These are much more meaningful than the regional estimates published by national organizations. Comparisons with historical averages are also available.

Five educational videos are available, discussing how to use nasal sprays and asthma inhalers properly, and why it is important to treat asthma on a regular basis. Dr. Steven also explains what the laundry list of side effects of medications really means, and why allergic people should be cautious about using herbal remedies.

A large number of additional features are available to patients of our practice. The list of allergy and asthma medications prescribed by Dr. Steven is shown in the app, and patients can request medication refills from within the app. Information about the side effects of these medications is also available. Those who find it difficult to remember to take their medications regularly will have the option to activate medication reminders from their phone. Patients with asthma will have access to their personalized Asthma Action Plan within the app, with the ability for them or their caregiver to quickly contact Dr. Steven if the situation requires.

Our office actively participates in clinical research as part of the FDA-supervised process to develop new medications and treatments for allergies and asthma. App users will be able to read information about these trials, and patients of our practice will be alerted to any particular studies that may be appropriate for them so that they may consider participating.

Patients who are receiving allergy injections to treat their allergies will be notified of any unscheduled changes in our office hours. They may also activate reminders when they are due for their injections, in order to keep them on track to enjoy the maximum benefits from this treatment.

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