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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Well, imagine living to be well over 100, but feeling less than half your age…

Until recently this quest for the Fountain of Youth seemed unreachable, but now with the advent of telomerase activating supplements containing cycloastragenol, it may not be so far fetched. As you read on below you will discover that there’s more than just hype here, rather you can discover how to actually get your own biological age tested AND watch how your anti-aging program actually affects your own DNA life-span!

So, what’s all the fuss over “Cycloastragenol”?

There’s a small group of people in the know who are using a new secret to help reset their “biological age”, making themselves “biologically younger,” with this being objectively proven through their very own blood tests that happen to be showing some astounding results when their biological age is re-tested (after taking telomerase activation supplements containing Cycloastragenol and Astragaloside IV).

This exciting breakthrough based upon Noble Prize winning research has now put you in control of your own-anti-aging program, and the suppliers of these potentially life extending supplements offer to let you in on this very exclusive group.

After using telomerase supplements containing cylcoastragenol and astragaloside IV for over a year, many of the users of the supplements, including prominent medical doctors literally say “I can tell you there’s nothing else like it”.

Originally, this breakthrough was only available to a handful of doctors as part of a study group, at a hefty price tag of over $20,000, but now you can take advantage of this secret for a fraction of the price.

This app will introduce you to the successful results of these study groups, and now, for the first time in history, this breakthrough is available to you, so you can be one of the privileged few that grows “biologically younger” as you age! Nonetheless this is a very serious topic.

We are talking about something that affects your DNA, the very backbone of your existence and ability to live, so we want to make sure you know the truth behind this movement so you don’t get scammed with bogus claims or ripped off with costly supplements that don’t actually contain clinically significant amounts of cylcloastragenol and astragaloside IV (sometimes also erroneously written astragalocide).

Obviously we all want to live longer, as long as we feel young, so let’s get you started on your way.

Download the Cycloastragenol App today if you are looking for complete information regarding Cycloastragenol, Astragaloside IV, Telomerase, the highest grade and purity of Telomerase Activation Supplements and DNA Testing (so you can see a marker for your own biological age for yourself, and watch how your supplement program affects your DNA), along with information relating to the Noble Prize Winning discovery that has generated perhaps the most exciting news the global anti-aging community has ever seen. As a holder of this app, you will get access to opinions by Dr. Greg to guide you away from the hype, into the facts, so you can make a fully informed decision to see if taking telomerase activating supplements containing cycloastragenol and/or astragaloside IV is right for you.

The Cycloastragenol app will empower you and give you a firm grasp on what to look for, what to expect, and know exactly what your financial commitment is up front.

Go ahead and download the cycloastragenol app today while it’s still free, so can get access to the testing and supplements you’ll need for this part of your anti-aging program, along with periodic updates on important research finding and testing results of others. By joining our community, you will also have clear easy access to social media and video sharing sites, so you can share your own experiences and hear others thoughts, insights and opinions as well!

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