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UpdatedDecember 2, 2012
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Alternative interface to the PubMed for people, whose education, occupation, overall competency or knowledge might not be (but could be) biased to natural, social, formal or some other branch of sciences, but who occasionally become interested in some spesific subjects.

*** Enhanced tablet-version (see the screenshots) ***

To make the flow of the usage feel more relaxed, certain restrictions has been made:

a) only items having abstract text will be fetched (some of them don’t have such)
b) status of an item will be one of the following: publisher, in-process or medline (oldmedline is not available)
c) category of the journal, where an item has been published, will be one of the following:

* Case Reports
* Classical Article
* Clinical Conference
* Clinical Trial
* Clinical Trial, Phase I
* Clinical Trial, Phase II
* Clinical Trial, Phase III
* Clinical Trial, Phase IV
* Collected Works
* Controlled Clinical Trial
* Evaluation Studies
* In Vitro
* Journal Article
* Multicenter Study
* Randomized Controlled Trial
* Review

By using the Restrictions-menu, you can limit the search to one of the allowed journal categories (or choose to not use such a limit). You can also limit the search to one of the allowed status types (or choose to not use such a limit). There is more information in the application itself.

Recent changes:
Enhanced user experience when used with a tablet device, rotation detection, minor fixes, some layout related nuances changed.

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