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Mr.MD - Instant Diagnosis

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Mr. MD analyzes and identifies numerous conditions that adversely affect people on a daily basis. By utilizing image recognition technology, supplemented and immediately reviewed by a human trained professional, Mr. MD provides real instantaneous diagnosis and recommends products to treat all kinds of medical issues.
The application will guide you through the process of submitting three photos via your smartphone, which will then be analyzed by the application’s unique algorithm and human review component. The combination of these two elements will provide you with the most relevant information for you and your body.

Mr.MD’s Technology:

A few decades ago, Sci-Fi junkies and futurists imagined full body scans, surgeries performed with lasers, and a host of other medical advances that others couldn’t dream of. Yet all of these ideas centered on the fact that patients would have to visit a doctor’s office or hospital.
Today, with the invention of the smartphone and the latest image recognition technology, Mr.MD has developed the technology to provide a powerful and futuristic diagnosis tool, from the comfort of your own home.

With Mr. MD’s unique vision and technology, patients can now use their smartphones to diagnose many common medical conditions. By simply taking three pictures of the concerned area with their smartphone, this visionary application analyzes those photographs and generates an instant detailed diagnostic report for the patient.

Mr. MD has changed the way that we think about a medical diagnosis, providing medical care with image recognition script with actual human medical engineers supplementing every diagnostic. In today’s fast paced lifestyle, this option is what most people need.
This is truly the first step to making it possible to diagnose a range of issues using only a mobile phone. What will they think of next?

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