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This is an application developed by This app helps you to find nearest blood donor on demand and this also makes you a good blood donor. You can search by specifying blood group and maximum distance with the donor. The search result will be sorted from nearest one to far one. By clicking on the search result you can view the details of the donor. The details contains name, profile picture, address of his last location (location when last updating occurred), circular and on road distance from the donor, on road duration (time takes the donor to reach your place), last updating time, willingness of donating blood etc. Showing other personal details of donor is restricting here to avoid misusing. You can call the donor by clicking on the call button from donor profile view.
The donor search process is as follows. First search donor by specifying blood group and distance. Then select an appropriate donor from the search result and call him. If he is ready for donate blood for you send him a request from his profile view after the call. A donor must see the request and verify the profile of called person before going to the called place for security. If you are verified his profile, you can accept his request and go to the called place. After you donate your blood delete the request you have received and update your last donated date.
The location of all members will be update if they are online. If they become offline, their location updating will be stopped. But all online and offline members will be displayed on the search result. But the visibility of the offline members will be depends up on their last updated location while they were online. So while deciding your donor please mentions their last updating time also. The search result will only shows the donors with the age ranging from 17 to 65.
If a member donated blood, he must update his last donated date because there must be need an average gap of 56 days between each donation. Then he will automatically avoid from the searching and become active on searches after the blood donation due date. A new member can search only after the activation period. This will be maximum 30 days from registration. This is for avoiding the temporary registrations only for searching without ready to donating blood.
If a member logged out from his account, he will become similar to an offline member. His location updating will be stopped. So he will be available with his last updated location on searches. If a member wants to stop donating blood, he must need to delete his account. Username once registered cannot change again. So members must use memorable usernames.
This is a location based application. But it takes the tower location of the donor to avoid security issues with actual and accurate location. So the distance between the donor and searching person may have some minute difference from actual calculation. But it does not affect badly because it should be less than 2 km.
These services are also available on If you feel any problem with this app on your device, please send it as a feedback. Hope that My Blood for You will help you a lot.

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