Speak004Vegetables for Aphasia


Speak004Vegetables for Aphasia

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Speak004 practice for Jpanese aphasia patient
Calligraphy Squid Apple grapes pear peach persimmon cherry strawberry watermelon lemon mandarin

Voice comes out when you press the speaker button.
You’ll need to install the speech synthesis engine(tts ,text to speech).
Speech engine (2013/02) google is not me speaking Japanese at present.
There is a speech synthesis engine of free and pay in google play.
With regard to speech engine installed, please follow the use of the engine that you have installed.

Terminals outside of Japan, please enable the display Japanese.

I think if I had made to help patients with aphasia.
I may also work on other. I have I think is useful to people Dyslexia.

Plan to up to 20 apps Speak005 ~ Speak020. With (a pseudonym-kanji picture) 1 app in 10 words.

Calligraphy work sketching parents tanabata mikoshi baseball bathing fishing study: Speak001
Squid frog mouse pig monkey tiger turtle dragonfly sparrow crow: Speak002
Apple grapes pear peach persimmon cherry strawberry watermelon lemon mandarin: Speak003
Pumpkin radish red pepper green onion cabbage cucumber edamame eggplant corn turnips: Speak004
Ayu Cicada beetle cochlea shrimp octopus giraffe bee dove dog: Speak005
Western furniture electronics cleaning tools vehicle family New Year drink classroom athletic meet: Speak006
Drink milk train ride brooms cleaning tools pencil stationery desk furniture: Speak007
Lotus root, sweet potato dumplings egg noodles pike carrot sushi rice 松茸: Speak008
Sakura Hanami horsetail plant lily of the valley rose hydrangea sunflower vegetable animal: Speak009
Kotatsu fan teapot 蚊取り線香 風鈴 bath home phone staircase wall clock: Speak010
Bottle top glasses knife laundry wash basin water pot refrigerator goldfish: Speak011
Hearth seat chair hanging scroll tea kettle cooker coffee tableware chopsticks chopsticks: Speak012
Rings chess Go watch window extinguisher microscope bulb camera batteries: Speak013
Airplane Shinkansen locomotive car crossing road signal telegraph pole unicycle bike: Speak014
Mikoshi 団扇 scarecrow registered carp shamisen Dharma Drum 鏡餅 地蔵 umbrella: Speak015
Takoyaki Yakitori chicken onion acorn shell peanut mochi tempura: Speak016
Winter wedding ball mushroom seaweed food instrument building Animals Birds: Speak017
I see eat drink throw put off writing climb aboard ran: Speak018
Parliament Station Castle church school library temple shrine tailor Bridge: Speak019
Table Tennis keirin swimming goggles judo kendo sumo iron bar slide vaulting box: Speak020

keyword:Frontal parietal occipital lobe aphasia language cva CVA picture cards called Kanji Kana education speech therapist speech and language rehabilitation rehabilitation alexia cerebrovascular disorder language disorder aphasia tombiroid

Recent changes:
Terminals outside of Japan, please enable the display Japanese. Then, you will need to install the corresponding Japanese speech synthesis engine (text to speech, tts) as well.

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