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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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HealthTap MD is for doctors to find new patients, enhance their reputation with colleagues and patients, learn practical clinical wisdom from other renowned doctors, earn more revenue, and help those in need — all by sharing their expertise to real health questions.

Featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NBC, CBS, TIME, Financial Times, Washington Post, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNN, and more.
HealthTap is available on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.


☆ Forbes — “Doctors can build up reputation..and ultimately drive patients to their offline real-world practices.”
☆ Washington Post — “The power of turning doctors into health care information curators for the Web and on mobile.”
☆ NY Times — “HealthTap just might make you raise both eyebrows in surprise…Advice for the ill, and points for the doctors.”
☆ Fast Company — “HealthTap may be on its (ambitious) way to being the default national rating and search destination.”
☆ Business Insider — “The app that will change everything about health care.”


✓ Get rewarded for what you do best
with enhanced reputation, increased recognition, mobile visibility and even monetary compensation.

✓ Get your very own personalized mobile app (for free!)
to establish yourself (and/or your practice) in the mobile world and interact with your patients on the go in a safe, HIPAA-secure environment.

✓ Find new patients
using our robust set of tools to translate online health conversations into real-world appointments.

✓ Distinguish yourself as an expert and build your reputation
in a positive, collaborative environment with colleagues and patients passionate about promoting health and well-being.

✓ Establish a strong referral network
by connecting with colleagues, as well as reputable private practitioners and leaders from respected institutions like Cleveland Clinic and Harvard.

✓ Connect with colleagues and share securely
by using our HIPAA-secure messaging and file-sharing to easily connect with other doctors and share documents rights from your mobile device.

✓ Do good in the world
by improving the quality of care for your patients and making your wisdom accessible, beyond real-world visits, to millions of people in need, worldwide.

✓ Continue learning
from other doctors' answers to patient questions, and from the collective knowledge of the medical community.

✓ Get recognized for your published knowledge
as HealthTap instantly promotes your articles and research to a global audience, and connects you with patients and peers looking for doctors with your expertise.

✓ Stay up-to-date
with instant notifications on topics, questions and colleagues, as well as appointment requests from the comfort of your mobile device.

✓ Reconnect & have fun
with your medical school classmates and colleagues from residency already on HealthTap who are waiting to connect with you.

✓ Do it all for free
HealthTap is FREE to all — that means doctors too!

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