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Get daily access to the latest news and weather for Brighton and Hove, Sussex. Updated daily, this free app lets you knows the latest town news, weather, tourist info, FC news, etc. Also contains Brighton & Hove videos

Brighton is the most enchanting, exciting, extraordinary seaside city in Britain. However brazen that may sound, it is no exaggeration.

Brighton Tourism With its cosmopolitan air, oodles of restaurants, Brighton hotels, accommodation, guest houses, self- catering, bed and breakfast and B&Bs, feverish nightlife and abundance of culture for visitors and locals, the place defies comparison with anywhere else this side of the English Channel.

For centuries it has been regarded as a ‘pleasure dome’, and that’s not about to change. If you love life, learn more about Brighton and Hove with Brighton and Hove news app

The overall history of Brighton is that of an ancient fishing village which emerged as a health resort in the 18th century and grew into one of the largest towns in England by the 20th century.

In many ways, Brighton’s post-war growth has been a continuation of the “fashionable Brighton” which drew the Georgian upper classes. The growth in mass tourism stimulated numerous Brighton businesses to serve visitors. Pubs and restaurants are abundant. An important post-war development was the 1961 founding of the University of Sussex, designed by Sir Basil Spence. The University acquired a strong academic reputation, and a certain reputation for radicalism. Brighton, with its vibrant cultural scene, is hard to imagine without the thousands of students from Sussex and Brighton Polytechnic, which was given the name University of Brighton in 1992, but with its early roots in the Victorian-era Brighton School of Art.

Other post-war developments radically changed the centre of Brighton, in the name of creating much needed low-cost local housing. An example is the virtual replacement of Richmond Street to make way for tower blocks in the vicinity. A notable feature of this area was a fence at the junction of the present Elmore Road and Richmond Street which once stopped carts from running away down the steep hill.

In the same area of the town there have been further developments, with student accommodation at the bottom of Southover Street being built in the early 1990s near the site of the Phoenix Brewery. An adjacent housing association development at the bottom of Albion Hill, behind the Phoenix Gallery, incorporates the houses once known as “The Peoples State of Trumpton” which was first squatted by Martin and Suzie Cowley in an effort to halt the demolition of the cottages, one being the smallest cottage in Brighton, it was twinned with The Peoples State of Chigley which was a squatted area in Brigg in Humberside, formerly a long-term squatted dwelling, its colourful appearance much in fitting with the area’s Bohemian demographic. The Peoples State of Trumpton arose alongside the politics of the Brighton Justice? movement and the creation of a social space in a nearby squatted former courthouse.

The period of the 1970s and ’80s saw much of the town becoming somewhat dilapidated. At the same time, a major investment was being made into the Brighton Marina, which encountered stiff opposition from many local people. Opposition to the way the town was being run was also voiced by the semi-anarchist newspaper Brighton Voice. The seafront, in particular, was much less developed than today.

This period is punctuated by a natural phenomenon: the Great Storm of 1987. The Level and Steine were decimated by this event with many great elm trees lost. The Pavilion and the Church of St. Peter suffered substantial damage.

Social change during the 20th Century has seen many of the 19th Century townhouses converted to flats, along with the mews buildings which once served many of them.

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