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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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What is FeckTV? Who are these people threatening to take over the internet? How can I join them? Why do I have odd socks on today? All these questions and more will partially be answered in a rambling style in the following few lines…so friend…read on!

FeckTV is a revolution. Before you start thinking who gave those people guns and where are the flags? It’s not that kind of revolution. Think of it more like an evolution in the way you watch TV…On second thoughts I should have just used that to begin with, though it does sound a bit like I’m trying to sell you a new set-top box…I’m not by the way, so be cool.

Ok let me just tell you straight. FeckTV is an online tv and news portal dedicated to delivering news and programming with a giant feckin twist!

You can find us on the web hanging out at What FeckTV aims to do is give you something different. Now of course anybody reading this is obviously well educated, internet-savvy and good looking (who said flattery gets you nowhere?). You’re the kind of people we’re for. We know you can flick open your smart phone and get the latest news headlines at the touch of a button, or if you believe our tech lads, using the power of your mind.

We also know you probably read articles from a ton of different sources, because like us your attention span was ruined by Saturday morning cartoons, overdoses of espresso and video games. It’s ok, you’re amongst friends. So what we do differently here is we don’t try. That sounds like we’re lazy, we’re not, but what I’m trying to say is we don’t want to compete with the big boys. What we offer is oh so much more interesting.

We stand for independence, freedom of speech and just a smidgen of anti-establishmentarianism. What we provide is a fresh look at the day’s news in our own inimitable style. We poke fun, we laugh, we cock-up and we like it! On the flip side we also argue, we shout our opinions from the rooftops and we give you the angles on stories other news networks are too afraid to. You might think we’re joking, but we’re not.

FeckTV is here, we’re off and running and we’re kicking doors in!

We have a team of amazing writers, journalists and presenters at HQ who work tirelessly, or as well as they can with a hangover, to bring this unique vision to you. Every week you’ll be treated to stories in both local and global affairs. We give you sports, tech, entertainment, news, music, business, environment – the whole shebang!

A live show will go out presented by the same people who write those lovely stories you see on our website, every day of the week, and you can get involved with it all through polls, phone-ins, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, carrier pigeon… Not only that! FeckTV is truly global. We have stations and teams of writers in countries all around the globe, searching for those stories and doing everything they can to give you the best goddam content you’ve ever seen.

I’m scared at how awesome this thing is, and you should be too, well maybe more excited than scared, we’re not some great big spider or anything. So look, enough of me rambling – come join the revo…evo…umm, come join us, here at, there is absolutely no way you will regret it, and that’s a promise! [any promises made by this idiot are clearly non-bindin]]

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