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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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– Features a full-fledged graphic file manager. This means you can manage documents exactly as you would on any desktop.
– Allows you to directly import any offline (Stardict) dictionary of your choice. Your content will be immediately available from the reading view. You can also plug in several dictionaries and view them side-by-side inside the reading view.
– Gives users full control over their interactions with the app. Record, filter, and export (for editing purposes) your notes, highlights and Wikipedia/Stardict searches as you see fit. Making summaries, question sheets, vocabulary lists etc. (and sharing these with others!) no longer requires any effort.
– Redesigned user interface that cuts down on much of the clutter that typically interferes with the reading experience on mobile devices.
Major features:
* Supports eBooks (EPUB), PDF and TXT document formats.
* Premium annotation features: bookmarks, notes, highlights.
* Bring your own content: Users can source compatible files from anywhere on the web.
* File manager: No more tags, collections and other inefficient organization tools. Smartreader is the only eBook reader / PDF reader on the market to incorporate a comprehensive desktop-style file manager. Organize eBooks, documents, and saved web content by creating folders and organizing files the way you would on any computer.
* Offline web viewing: Download blogs, news articles and other webpages directly from your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Dolphin, etc.) into the app for later offline viewing.
* Wikipedia: Access Wikipedia inside the reading view without having to exit the app
* Integrated support for offline dictionaries. Import offline Stardict dictionaries and view dictionary / thesaurus content or translations inside the reading view without having to exit the app. Both monolingual and multilingual dictionaries are supported (making this an ideal study aid for students and foreign language learners). These are available for a large number of languages including European (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, etc.), Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) and many other languages.
* Comprehensive history tracking: Decide which user interactions to record and export your selection to a word-processor-compatible file for editing purposes. You can export highlights and notes in books, documents, contracts and other reading materials to print-ready files that can be further edited or shared with others. This makes the app ideal for reading assignments, note-taking and summary creation. Wikipedia and Stardict searches can also be recorded and exported, allowing Smartreader to double as a vocabulary builder, especially for second language learners.
* Streamlined user interface: Smartreader’s elegant and intuitive design ensures you don’t get lost in a maze of menus and get to core functions with a minimum of finger taps.
* Light-weight: The app averages a memory footprint of around 10-12MBs.
* Disclaimer

- The app is currently optimized for smartphones, but will run smoothly on tablets that have portrait mode as their default orientation.
– At present, the app will only work fully on mobile devices powered by ARM processors. Support for x86 devices will be made available as a plugin shortly.
* Questions? Comments?

Send your questions, suggestions, support requests and more to us at:

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