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Bizarre murders in the world


Bizarre murders in the world

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Information Nanjiken such unsolved case frightening, fear of unsolved case, bizarre murders that occurred in the past incidents that impressive incidents and missing disappearances, unsolved case – Homicide bizarre, strange that stunned the world It is an app that brought together.

I might get the information in criminal cases unresolved in this app, may lead to arrest.

Can be installed without having to worry about the capacity because it is capable of being moved to SD card app.

You will fly to the site of each skeleton and the touch of a button.
※ slightly time consuming read when reading the first launch of the app.

The copyright of the images and text that are cited in the app site Here you will find the original quote.
• Since we will respond as soon as possible, such as removing any chance If you have any articles, guides, please contact the developer, sorry.

Articles past cases [word Search]

Murder of a college student Nasushiobara, Tochigi Prefecture
Abandonment of a corpse hit-and-run incident three small girls, Kita-ku, Kobe
Kabukicho building fire
Women in the Third Street apartment robbery murder Honjo
Management spout Street robbery murder couple Kitasuna seven murders taxi driver robbery on the street next to park Shimosato Higashikurume murder painter Kawanishi
Killing schoolgirl town Goka incident Bokusatsu relatives jockey Taketoyo thing murder management shop okonomiyaki, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto kidnapping girls small 4 Kumatori Sennan-gun mutilation murder men Tsukuba murder elderly men Yamato murder female 6-chome, Yokoo district Suma Kobe Jusco Yokkaichi deaths mistaken arrest murder case company employee Tosu abandonment of a corpse-murder case Ibaraki Schoolgirls
Toyota City, killing schoolgirl murder robbery in an apartment in an office robbery murder Nakamurakita chome chome bookstore Yoyogi 2 small girls Kakogawa arson murder members of the House of Representatives office Hirao-cho, Gifu murder robbery homicide assailant raw Seika Toyokawa Lake Biwa mutilation murder case
Hamamatsu Mahjong shop arson murder murder taxi driver robbery incident Niigata abandonment of a corpse college student taxi driver shooting death Shimane Tottori arson murders wealthy couple Itabashi stabbing incident Kanie-cho, Aichi three mother-to-child murder bachelor Hisayasu Kanazawa incident
Oita, Oita Prefecture 日出 town 老夫婦 murder murder murder Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture robbery of a convenience store gas station clerk arson Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture Hiratsuka taxi robbery murder murder murder arson couple apart Toyama company executive female company employee Nokonoshima Fukuoka construction company president shooting death Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture town housewife disappearances 日出
Paris murder case human flesh under the overpass Sakado, Saitama murder trucker Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture
Ripper murders pregnant Nagoya
Mutilation murder exorcism Fujisawa
Abegg murder Nagoya
Schoolgirl murder justified concrete
Continuous Tokyo, Saitama, little girl kidnap-murder
Inokashira mutilation murder
Saitama serial murders dog-lover
Continuous stabbing incident children Kobe
Confinement murder Kitakyushu
Murder suicide sites
Abandonment of a corpse incident Shimane college student
Psychology and psychological serial killer crime heinous crime, revenge, love and hate, murder, arson apart abuse and juvenile crime, sex crime incidents demon cannibalism murder in the gang rape attack on a continuous Roabiru Roppongi restaurant managers etc. Kitakyushu Information and tricks back 激 test psychological psychopaths · 2ch · bizarre murder, insanity, multiple personality, pleasure, fun murder mystery Psycho an executioner, indiscriminate killing, poisoning, homicide Test

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