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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Very lovely tray dynamic wallpaper, round eyes and the mouth of the triangle, always exposed innocent expression, people see only relented. Carton Man is pure good guy, it is pure fantasy world, always revealing the most lovely and moving atmosphere. From the the Carton Man body, to see a child, talk about unfounded’s sad, vaguely revealed that in addition to the innocent.
The wallpaper can change the wallpaper background, set the falling love, as well as a variety of colorful touch effect Oh! What are you waiting for? Come Meng yourself!

Program description:
1, prior to use, make sure your phone is android 2.1 or higher version of the system.
2, start the program by quickly set you can quickly jump to dynamic wallpaper set interface; can quickly set up the various effects of the dynamic wallpaper by Wallpaper Settings

===Tip: if your mobile phone is not able to use the program or slightly caton case, suggest you shut down some special effects (such as: click on the effect), this can through the: start this program – – > wallpaper Settings – – > click effects Settings to set. thank you!

You have, first of all thank you for your support of our software! But our test phone limited, so we can not guarantee that all phone models can spend our program, we are very sorry! In return for your support, we will continue to improve, try to make more models can be used on our program. If you have any questions you can send a message to we will try to follow up. Thank you again!

Recent changes:
1. Reduced package size.
2. Optimizer efficiency

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