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Welcome to Ron Seman Ministries. We believe in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and pointing churches and ministries to the technologies available to spread that GREAT NEWS! We are passionate about Cyber Evangelism as we can reach people all over the world in fractions of a second. We have the C2N marketing model which is Christian to Non-Christian. We are also passionate about C2A marketing which is Christian to Atheist or Agnostic. Jesus had a commandment and NOT a suggestion: “Go, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” Matthew Chapter 28 Verse 19 (MT 28:19 WEB) If there was a million tornados that blew through a junk yard causing explosions with acid being thrown about and lightening striking down with sizzling welding or metal fusing ability would we have even a Ford Model T evolving from the raw materials there? Humans are SO MUCH MORE complicated than that yet people fall for evolution all the time. Time is the god of the evolutionist. So YES there is a creator. Have you recognized that? Have your recognized that the creator revealed Himself through the library of 66 books known as the Holy Bible? It was proven that the Old Testament existed PRIOR to Jesus being born by 100 – 300 years BC with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. So we know that Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament. Extra Biblical references have accounts of a Jesus. HE EXISTED IN THE FLESH. The Bible and these extra Biblical references state that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead. So we know that He existed and lives today. Have you acknowledged that all humans are sinners? Just look at this broken world all around us! So we need a Savior. Have you excepted Jesus is YOUR Savior AND have you taken the CRITICAL step of asking the Holy Spirit to come within YOU and take control of your life so that Jesus is in fact the LORD of YOUR life? Are you broken? Have you given up? Are you at the end of the rope dangling? Confess your faith in Jesus RIGHT NOW! Ask the Holy Spirit to come into YOU RIGHT NOW! Let the Holy Spirit guide you from this point forward! Pray continuously which in the Greek means PRAY CONTINUOUSLY! Talk to your Heavenly Father in Jesus’ name and thank Him. Thank Him some more. Ask and know that God will provide what is NEEDED but not necessarily what is WANTED. Pray before a decision on anything. Don’t say, “all we can do now is pray.” Prayer should be the FIRST step not the last hope! Don’t be a worrier but a prayer WARRIOR! And oh yes BAD THINGS will still happen to good people or Christians BECAUSE the world is fallen. But know that God will use the world’s bad to bring Glory to Him. God the Father let a murder nearly 2,000 years ago benefit all. Find a good BIBLE BELIEVING church that encourages Bible study and prayer and fellowship. We hope this app helps point you to the resources needed for the road to spiritual life and even if you don’t download this app we hope you learned something from this brief message. Ron, Founder of Ron Seman Ministries, EMAIL: Info@RonSeman.Com WEB: WWW.RonSeman.Com

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