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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Our Tonkinese are bred from either Siamese to Burmese matings or from Tonkinese to Tonkinese and never Tonkinese to Burmese as most breeders do, Our Tonkinese kittens don’t have Burmese looking faces because of our special breeding program, feel free to contact us for an appointment to meet our family.

Our girls which we have 8 , 2 Burmese and 6 Tonkinese all live in the house with us, they are raised as part of the family and all loved, not in cages as some breeders do, when your purchasing your new kitten you will find our kittens are friendly, home raised and always settle into there new homes well.


Cabbo cattery first started at Zillmere in Brisbane, where I started showing in 1973 with domestic cats and in 1975 was given my first siamese cat by a local breeder and then purchased another queen and a Siamese stud, breeding these until the 1980’s than going on to Burmese for a few years, than having a break from showing and breeding cats.

Having had Siamese and Burmese cats as pets over the years, than falling in love with the Tonkinese breed in 2008 I wanted to start up showing and breeding again, with much help and advise from breeders in Brisbane and online, Cabbo cattery is back breeding for pets and showing our family of 3 kittens arrived in January 2009, these were the first of our Tonkinese family, I lost Dana one of our girls in February 2010 this was a very sad time. We have had another litter of kittens since Dana’s passing, all well with that litter.


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