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Radeon™ ReLive for VR

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UpdatedJanuary 8, 2020
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Take VR streaming to the next level with Radeon ReLive for VR! Supporting select* Radeon VR Ready Premium graphics cards, Radeon ReLive VR app enables high quality wireless PC VR gaming on your standalone Daydream headset.

Simply launch SteamVR, connect via the Radeon ReLive VR app & open a game to start playing.

– Radeon ReLive streaming pipeline built specifically for low latency VR
– Easily start gaming with third party Bluetooth controller compatibility**
– Stream at an immersive 1440x1440p resolution

– Steam and SteamVR need to be installed in your PC
– Make sure your PC is connected to a 5GHz (802.11ac) router or a wireless access point with an Ethernet cable (Cat-5e or Cat-6 recommended)
– Enable Remote Play in the Radeon Settings -> ReLive -> Game & VR Streaming tab and then flip the SteamVR Integration switch to Enabled to enable Radeon Relive VR.
– Allow incoming network traffic on Windows Firewall, if prompted.
– Run SteamVR on your PC.
– Install the Relive VR app on your Daydream device
– Make sure your Daydream device is connected to the same router/AP as your PC running SteamVR. Use the 5GHz SSID (usually has “5G” or “5GHz” or “AC” in its name for most routers) – note that 2.4GHz networks (802.11n or earlier) are not recommended for a good wireless VR experience.
– Run the Relive VR app. It will find your PC running SteamVR and connect to it automatically.

– Trackpad: clicking upper 20% of trackpad is clicking "trigger" button, clicking lower 80% of trackpad is clicking "trackpad" button
– App button: On click ( < 0.3 seconds) this button generates app click, On press ( > 0.3 seconds) this button generates system press
– Home button: Isn’t mapped to anything, clicking will take user back to Daydream home screen when pressed.

Compatible with AMD Radeon RX 470, RX 570, RX 480, RX 580, RX 590 & RX Vega series products & supports Windows 10. Recommended experience on Radeon RX Vega series graphics cards. Controllers must be compatible with selected game and headset, please consult vendor for compatibility information.

**PC game compatibility depends on headset capability. Please see

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