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UpdatedDecember 22, 2013
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It is frustrating sometimes to find a great cream in the cabinet, forgotten and that is… yes, expired?! Or worse: cosmetic, shelf life of which “is specified on the package”, and you don’t even remember how it looks like, or standing in a shop trying to recall the number of the lipstick that recently expired. Application “My cosmetics” is the indispensable tool.
Add your new purchases, enter the expiration dates and the program will remind you which of your cosmetics are expiring in a 6 month, 2 month, a month, and which – in 2 weeks. You can also add a price of the product and your impressions about it.
You can view a list of all your products, or you can search through the major categories. Before buying something you can check whether you have already had it. Or… there are many other examples of using it. Actually this is just useful application that you can use as a catalogue of all your cosmetics which is always with you.

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