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UpdatedOctober 15, 2013
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Find my droid, your phone’s bodyguard

What if your phone got somehow lost?
You know the threat when your phone falls into wrong hands.
Wanna get it back with little effort?
Wanna wipe out private data in it?

We could make it real!
Find your phone, protect privacy!

With Find My Droid, dual insurance is right for you–Web available in most occasions, affiliated with SMS in case! This makes Find My Droid the best trust-worthy choice!

Find My Droid is your phone’s bodyguard app designed to restrict permission of accessing your phone, trace its location and protect privacy in it.

Find My Droid restricts the phone’s access permission by locking the device with your account. Only a SMS or simple clips on web page could make it.
Find My Droid can trace and get the lost phone back by remotely locating the device on the map or setting alert through the web or SMS.
With Find My Droid, no one could really take your device away. It’s the best choice for phone lovers; meanwhile, you can set all the values as you like, and get the supreme ownership of your phone!
No matter what the situation is, no matter who you are, Find My Droid can always be your phone’s bodyguard!
Just have a try, you’ll find it trustworthy! It’s free!

5 preset manipulation functions and the security problem will go away.

* Locate: it remotely locates the device on the map through the web or SMS, and the GPS is required to be on. The entire situation could be under control.

* Alert: it enables you to remote alert through the web or SMS, if you are near your device. Its sharp and clear sound will definitely show you the way.

* Lock: it remotely locks the device through web or SMS, preventing all the usages of the phone except for emergency calls. This clearly shows your supreme authority over the phone.

* Wipe: it allows you to remotely delete all the data on the device through web or SMS, if it has been lost permanently. No one else can peep at your privacy.

* SIM Alert: once your device is lost and the SIM card is changed, an alert SMS will be sent to the Emergency Number.

* Dual insurance by web or SMS for you
* Locate, lock and alert will help you find your phone
* Wipe data and keep others away from your privacy items.

* Only several simple taps can make it work
* Remote controls need nothing but an account

* Simple, interactive and user-defined manipulations
* Helpful and specific tutorials

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