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Updated October 15, 2013
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EMERGENCY? EARsAlert2 is the ultimate all-in-one personal safety app.

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Please deactivate your account before you upgrade the app or if you want to delete & install the app again. Our server blocks any account to be activated again or from a different phone before deactivating to prevent unscrupulous people from abusing your account. To do that please go to settings>DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT>key in password & click DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT or at members login page @
For any problems please email or call +603-80622057.

PAL (Personal Alert)
+Personal alerting for personal emergencies
+FREE immediate follow-up call by an EARs agent upon
receiving an alert to confirm alert and determine
state of emergency
+FREE alerting of up to 5 emergency contacts via SMS
+FREE follow-up calls to emergency contacts to ensure
receipt of SMS & to provide further info if available
+Cooperation with emergency contacts to determine next
course of action to provide best rescue solution to user
+24/7 EARs emergency response centre
+Worldwide live protection & tracking (GPS)

EARs simplifies the process of emergency alert and notification. Just tap the icon and a signal is immediately sent within five seconds to the EARs system which identifies the user’s name and pinpoints the users location via GPS.
You will receive a call from an EARs agent within a short time frame to ascertain your condition, and to confirm the emergency service or assistance you require. The agent will then contact the relevant service providers to assist you.

At the same time, EARs will also alert five of your closest contacts to inform them about your situation.

In the event of a personal emergency such as a kidnapping, if the EARs app is launched and the person is not contactable by the agent, the five closest contacts are immediately alerted via SMS and one primary contact is called to act on the situation, armed with important information such as location coordinates.

A service like EARs also addresses the emotional and psychological needs of individuals who are disoriented by such experiences. Individuals may be in shock or injured, uncertain of their whereabouts or frustrated from having to contact many different parties for help, such as family members and friends, auto services and tow trucks, among others.

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Ladies! This is for your personal safety!
Parents! This is for your kids!
Signup for FREE now!
We encourage you to test it out, our agents will call you back so you know that it works. Go ahead!

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Recent changes:
04/02/2012 – Version 1.0.5 just uploaded! Now usable on;
1. Galaxy Tab – download from EARs server
2. Galaxy Note
4. Sharp Aquos 007SH
Also some bug fixes especially when the app goes back to welcome screen even after activation.
***Please remember to deactivate account first before deleting previous install and installing this one.***

Signup for a FREE trial account now through the app.

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