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UpdatedSeptember 30, 2013
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People need to remember things each day, things that you don’t necessarily put in a calendar, just things that you need to remember when you can get around to them. Something comes up like remembering to mail a letter or perhaps grab a prescription on the way home from the drug store. This app will work wonders for your peace of mind.

[Note: this is the free version, a full version is available for $1.29 USD]

From anywhere, at anytime, if you need to remember something Don’t Forget! for Android can:
* Send a quick email to yourself or a friend
* Send a quick text message/SMS to yourself or a friend
* Schedule a notification in the future at a preset or customized time
* Archive frequently used reminders to use again in the future

From anywhere, at anytime, if you need to remember something, Don’t Forget!

Tips For Remembering

Almost every day we are faced with remembering a face, a number or some other information.

During study time try using “white noise” to tune out other noises in the room for better concentration, to study various facts about a subject, group the facts with facts you already know about it to help you recall them later. Read things you wish to remember outloud, or walk around the room while reading, perhaps you can even record your voice to play it back later. Stay curious, when you first read something, scan it very fast to get a vague idea of the material’s content. Then ask yourself questions about what you would like to know about the subject. Group subjects and information in a way that is easy to retrieve but making each thing relate to another.

Thinking of around 7 pieces at at time
Generally people can remember around 7 plus or minus 2 pieces of information at a time, which is why phone numbers are easy to remember being about this many numbers in length. Additionally if you can group things into patterns around 7 pieces in length you will greatly improve your ability to remember. For example, take a large number like a drivers license or credit card number and breaking it down in to smaller groups of numbers.

Using associations
Take the following number: 74736052007365. You can break it down into groups that have associations with the number for instance, 74736052007365 can be thought of as Jumbo Jet (747), XBox (360), Deck of Cards (52), James Bond (007), Days in the year (365).

When remembering things such as a shopping list which includes “Cheese, Milk, Doughnuts, Yogurt, Rice, Noodles” you can alphabetize it as follows to help you remember: “Cheese, Doughnuts, Milk, Noodles, Rice, Yogurt”.

Story Method
Create a story about what you want to remember, for all the items on your list create a story that includes all of them, the story may come out ridiculous but at least you’ll always remember it.

Using Mnemonics
Creating a short phrase that functions as a key to remember the entire piece of information, perhaps you remember “every good boy deserves fruit” which corresponds to the lines of the musical staff on a piece of sheet music, EGBDF. Another example is “desert” and “dessert”: the sweet one has 2 sugars [s]. Perhaps you remember daylight savings time as: Spring forward, fall back.

Creating Images in your mind’s eye
Make pictures of what you should remember in your mind’s eye. For best results have the imaginary images be rather outrageous, having odd colors and being larger than life in appearance. If you want to remember your hat on the way out, imaging your hat buring a hole of bright light through the door. Chances are the image will return as you are about to leave.

Method of loci
Visualize a familiar location such as your bedroom, place objects you wish to remember in different parts of the room. If you need to remember which DVDs to return to Netflix for example, imagine the DVDs in different places throughout the room. When you need to remember which ones, move your mind through each location in the room.

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