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Safe Diary Note

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UpdatedSeptember 24, 2013
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This is a safe note book.You could use it to write note and diary.
You could also make an account for your daily life.
Useful and functional!!!
When you open this application,you will need to make some settings.
Click to select the root directory,you can select an existing database files.
Here you could select the show files and filter the files start with “.” or not.
If you completed, the sub-directories will be created.
As for the child path,it could be blank.
Db name could also be changed.
Next,set password for the application.
More friendly,input the hint.If you forget the password,you could ask help from it.
Although the recommended setting a password to ensure that safe small,but still can be left blank,just click the finish button.
If you set the password successfully,when you open the application next time,you have to enter the correct password.
It could be regarded as a consumption book.
Click the Add button below the Consumption book,you could keep your daily consumption record.
Input the item and money.
You could add as many items as you want.
It also allows you to delete items easily.Just click the button of red cross icon.
Then press the menu button to save it.
It could also be regarded as a diary book.
Click the “Write” button to write your private diary.
As a real diary book,the time and weather is displayed at the top automatically.
All you need to do is to write your feeling,story or others down.
Similarly,press the Menu button and select save to save it.
This is also a notebook.
Click the “Write” button and start to edit your note.
Input the title and content of note.
Then press the Menu button.
There will be two options,including Save and Delete.
Save it if you want to keep it in your notebook.
Hope you will like this powerful application!!!
========================Attention Please====================
This application is ads-supported.There are some notification ads or icon ads inside so that we could
develop more free and great apps for wide users.
What's more,it could buy us a cup of coffee!!!
I hope you could understand!!!

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