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UpdatedSeptember 23, 2013
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Did you ever want to fly around the world, explore the galaxy, have super powers, date a movie star, or even play god? Well, now you can do all of that, tonight, without ever having to leave your house!

Even if you've never had a lucid dream before, or barely even dream at all… With Lucid Dreamer, the only limit is your imagination!

+ The Dreamer is the opening screen of Lucid Dreamer and is all you need to experience a real lucid dream tonight. It is designed to repeatedly play a short Binaural Beat (a stereo tone that helps you have lucid dreams) after you have fallen asleep, allowing you to make the realization that you are actually dreaming. Just set the delay to longer than it takes you to fall asleep, adjust the volume so it is loud enough to hear, but not so loud that it disturbs your sleep, click Start, and go to sleep. That's it.

And now you can even upgrade your Dreamer with these Pro features to Master the Art of Lucid Dreaming:

+ The Dream Journal is a secure, PIN-protected dream journal system that offers you the ability to write or even record your journal entries, as well as tag your dreams and gather useful dream metrics. Using the Dream Journal will not just help you remember your dreams better, but it will also help you recognize dream patterns, reoccurring dreams, and help you focus on achieving lucidity.

+ The Reality Checker is a tool designed to help you build a habit of reality checking. Forget having to remember to look at your hand, count your toes, or whatever other ridiculous and tedious habit you've tried to form; Lucid Dreamer will remember to do it for you and alert you by sound, vibration, or even notifications.

+ The Paralyzer is designed to help you enter a state of Sleep Paralysis; a state in which your mind remains awake, but your body is completely asleep. The Paralyzer works by gently stimulating your consciousness as your try to fall asleep, helping you slip into a state of sleep paralysis, and ultimately, lucidity.

+ Da Vinci is a fully customizable, fully localized, Polyphasic Sleep Clock. A polyphasic sleep cycle is designed to give you up to 22 hours of awake-time per day, with as little as 2 hours of sleep per night. However, Da Vinci isn't limited to one polyphasic sleep cycle, like most clocks. It can actually be fully customized to any sleep cycle and is designed to make you sleep more efficiently and be far more productive!

+ The Focalizer is an image-induction and subconscious-directing technique. Since your dreams are programmed by your waking experiences, thoughts and feelings, the Focalizer can help you by utilizing images of significance to you. When used in conjunction with other features, such as the Dreamer, the Focalizer can be an incredibly powerful tool to not just achieve lucidity, but to focus your dreams as well.

+ Dreamscapes, like the Focalizer, are another focal-imagery technique designed to subconsciously direct the contents of your dreams. The Dreamscapes, however, rely on color psychology, as opposed to images of sentimental value or significance to you. The Dreamscapes are meant to augment every other technique in Lucid Dreamer and have been shown to have a great impact on your dreams.

+ Custom Music Selection allows you to use your own Binaural Beats, voice recordings, or any other media files directly with the Dreamer. If you have a sound that really helps you lucid dream, you can now use it with the Dreamer to play it after you have fallen asleep.

+ The Statistics page allows you to keep track of how many lucid dreams you've had, the frequency of lucid to non-lucid dreams, what techniques have helped you achieve lucidity, and more!

So why not change the way you dream tonight?
Carpe Noctem.

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