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GoHome 樓盤專家


GoHome 樓盤專家

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UpdatedSeptember 17, 2013
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GoHome 樓盤專家
✪ 搵樓更輕鬆 – 即時提供超過10萬個賣盤及租盤
✪ 多功能搜尋 – 只需一個應用程式便可即時搜索有關住宅、商業大廈、豪宅、服務式公寓及海外物業資訊
✪ 鄰近物業資訊 – 由即時位置搜尋最近的樓盤所在
✪ 強大的搜尋功能 – 準確標示出你所搜尋的樓盤資訊,並為您提供更多相關的搜尋選項
✪ 高效率搜尋 – 只需輕輕一觸,即可搜尋到心水樓盤,查看樓盤詳情,及以電話或電郵聯絡地產代理
✪ 工具好幫手 – 利用按揭計算機、平面圖、交易歷史及更多的資料,全面了解你的心水樓盤
✪ 搖出更多搜尋項目 – 只需搖動你的iPhone便可即時在地圖上看到更多有關物業
✪ 多種語言選擇 – 提供英文,中文繁體和簡體語言版本

GoHome Property Search
The most comprehensive Real Estate App for home buyers, renters and real estate professionals! As the leading property platform in Hong Kong, is committed to providing exceptional search experiences for property seekers.
Key Features:
✪ Find More Properties – Instant access to over 100,000 properties for sale and for rent in Hong Kong
✪ All-In-One Search – search for residential, commercial, luxury, serviced apartment and overseas properties in one mobile app
✪ Nearby Properties – search for closest listings from your current location
✪ Power Search – refine your search results, utilizing the variety of available search options
✪ Streamlined Search Experience – search a property, view detailed info, contact agent by phone or by email – with just a touch
✪ Useful Tools – mortgage calculator, floor plan, transaction history and more
✪ Shake For More Listings – simply shaking your iPhone to get more listings
✪ Multilingual Supports – content available in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

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