Food Planner and Groceries


Food Planner and Groceries

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Keep an integrated meal plan, grocery list, and recipe collection that can sync between multiple phones, tablets, and the Internet. Food Planner allows you to quickly schedule your daily meals. You can even create additional meals if you are on a food plan requiring more meals than simply breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Use your own recipes or import new ones from one of the selected websites. The recipes can be organized with tags associating the recipe with certain types of meals and week days. View only the most relevant recipes when you need to plan weekly meals.
Make your shopping list by selecting which days you want to go shopping. Food Planner uses ingredients from the recipes and gives you an overview so you can eliminate the things you already have. You can also create multiple shopping lists from different stores. Items can be subdivided into categories, so it’s easy and fast to get the shopping done.
All the data you enter can automatically be shared between multiple phones. Do your grocery shopping on your way home from work, and be sure you always have the latest shopping list. Additionally, you can edit your recipes on-line, so you do not have to write too much on the phones small screen.
The goal of Food Planner is to make it quick and easy to use, while also including more advanced features you’ll come to appreciate once you become more familiar with the app.

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