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Detailed Astrology fortune


Detailed Astrology fortune

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UpdatedSeptember 16, 2013
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Astrology fortune-telling software support (traditional and simplified), Japanese, English, can be ranked according to ( Solar terms ) way to set or ranked by ( Lunar calendar ) Detailed methods and a row of disk drive contents description.
And add Great limit(年行運),Little limit(太歲干),Current year(太歲干),Current month(太歲干),Current day(太歲干),Current hours(太歲干),Current year(流年干),Current month(流月干),Current day(流日干),Current hours(流時干) when the fortune telling plate Jie Pan resolution. God counted the number of scales and bones (including three four now Detailed disk).
Excluding three four relatively no explanation is very detailed, including three four explanation is more detailed.
Solar is based on 24 solar terms of December, the general lunar month lunar calendar is based on (but profits will be divided on the month next month), there will be 45 days that month.
Interpretation expressed as a percentage , (紫微75%) 75% said that explain the content of all components accounted for 75% , (紫微15%) 15% said that explain the content of all components accounted for 15% , (紫微5%) 5% said that explain the content of all components accounted for 5% .
Supported languages: Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, English
Support Resolution: 240 * 320, 320 * 480, 480 * 800 480 * 854, 600 * 1024, 1280*800, 1920*1080
Original Traditional Website:
Original Simplified Website:
Original Japanese website:
Original site in English:
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