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Food diary, restaurants


Food diary, restaurants

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Updated December 31, 2012
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Meals with the family, lunch time fun with friends, and loved ones a sweet dinner time.
Me face look delicious dishes sitting here, happy as exciting to my mood!
Cooking with all the memories and put it in the phone.

Half of our memories with the dishes, and cooking memories, sometimes even shining too.
If you can feel it again later today taste and emotion felt by looking back today, wrote a diary,
This yiyamalro ‘to eat the remains of the true meaning I think

How to use ★ ★ ★ ★

1 Search through to find restaurants to go to restaurants, restaurants, or coming back now located (600,000 restaurants more information)
2 After you locate the restaurants, the restaurants to write a diary.
3 From the album, taking a picture of the restaurant menu or imported.
4 Feel for the flavors on the menu that day, or the diary of a diary of little stores.
Diary category through the [] button to write a new article, restaurants are looking for, you can write a diary.

★ ★ Key Features ★ ★

1 Four languages, including Korean, Chinese, Japanese over English, are supported.
. Restaurant menu to optimize the diary
3 More information and restaurant menus (automatically converted into four languages) Introduction
4 Provide information events in a variety of restaurants,
5 View comments restaurants vivid SNS
6 Can I export my food diary SNS
7 The restaurants of mobile QR can be a shortcut to the page
  – Mobile QR page provides a very detailed menu information. from subscription services (restaurants) When you register?
fooddic (Android App) from restaurants all over the world.
fooddiary (Android App) at the restaurants.
Food is retrieved from the search portal.
Naver, Daum, from Mobile Web portal can register for individual stores.
Menu plate restaurants Smart search apps without installing multi-channel all over the world will be introduced.

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