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Honeymoon Tips

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UpdatedDecember 31, 2012
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Honeymoons are sex holidays, not a mad-scramble, world-class traveling extravaganza! They are meant to give young couples private time to worship each other bodies. Before the couple sets up house, goes back to graduate school, or starts impossibly demanding careers, they need at least a week to soak up the sun and pleasure of the flesh.
The couple should lie on the beach, stir only for refills on umbrella drinks, laze in bed every morning, rest, talk, make love and then make love again. Many couples struggle with sex at some point in the marriage. The marital adjustment, the joining of bodies, household, space, finances, and sometimes parenting isn’t easy. Sex is the lubricant that eases the wear and tear of daily life. It’s the glue that binds a couple emotionally. Eroticism, pleasure, touch, rest and relaxation must be given high priority in order to set a pattern for tangible, physical rejuvenation and connection between the couple.
The amount of effort that goes into planning a wedding is astonishing. But in the course of planning the wedding, another important event can get overshadowed – your honeymoon. Your honeymoon needs to be perfect. So good planning is required to help you have that post-wedding trip of a lifetime. Go through the tips in the app and realize the same.

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