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HOUND Voice Search & Mobile Assistant


HOUND Voice Search & Mobile Assistant

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Version 1.9.8 (68)
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Updated December 12, 2018
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Hound is the best way to search using your natural voice.

What do we mean by natural voice? Instead of talking like a search query “OK Hound…find Chinese restaurants”, just ask “OK Hound… what are the top rated Chinese restaurants near me?” You’ll be amazed at the lightning-fast response.

Want to try something more advanced? Hound can use follow-up questions and commands to filter, sort, or add more information to the original request. Give this a shot: “OK Hound… find Asian restaurants rated 4 stars or more within walking distance of Times Square and exclude Chinese, Korean, and Thai.”

But Hound isn’t limited to restaurants and coffee shops. Use Hound to:

Search, discover, and play music
– “OK Hound… what song is playing?”
– “OK Hound… play the top hits by Echo & the Bunnymen”

Research and get trivia answers quickly:
– “OK Hound… when was Alexa Alemanni born?”
– “OK Hound… tell me about the constellation Lyra.”
– “OK Hound… tell me about the Amazon River.”

Set alarms and timers
– “OK Hound… set an alarm for 7am every weekday.”
– “OK Hound… set a timer to take out the chicken in 40 minutes”

Get the latest news
– “OK Hound… show me the latest news headlines.”
– “OK Hound… play me the latest news from NPR.”
– “OK Hound… what is stock price of Amazon?”

Call, text, navigate handsfree
– “OK Hound… call Alexa at work.”
– “OK Hound… text Jeff ‘I’ll be there in five minutes’.”
– “OK Hound… show me directions to the nearest Whole Foods.”

Get the weather forecast
– “OK Hound… what’s the weather going to be like tomorrow at 6pm?
– “OK Hound… How about in Seattle in two weeks?”

Plan a night out at the movies
– “OK Hound… what movies are playing near me around 7pm?”
– “OK Hound… what are the top action movies in theaters right now?”
– “OK Hound… what movies are playing in IMAX?”

Book an Uber
– “OK Hound… how much is an Uber to the airport?”
– “OK Hound… get an Uber to the nearest movie theater.”

Search for hotels and plan your travel
– “OK Hound… show hotels in Seattle that are pet-friendly, have a gym, and cost less than $275.”

Numbers, calculations, and even mortgage estimates!
– “OK Hound… what is a prime number?”
– “OK Hound… what is the square root of 16 minus the square root of 9?”
– “OK Hound… split a $96 bill two ways with a 15% tip.”
– “OK Hound… what’s the monthly mortgage payment for a $500,000 house with a 30 year mortgage at 4.2% and down payment of $100,000?

What will you use Hound for?

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