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twinme is free and hassle-free, with no registration and no access to personal data: no email address, no username, no pin, no password, not even a phone number.

twinme allows you to personalize your interactions online like you do in real life. Your children call “Mom” or “Dad”, your lover calls “Honey”, your friends “Pal”, and your clients “Master” to interact with you in real-time text, audio, and video, on your mobile device. You define the “identity” you want to use for each of your contacts, ie how you want to be named and seen by the other. Changing the image of your identity for a given contact is reflected in this contact’s roster in real-time. You can revoke any of your identities at any time to stop someone (with whom you shared it) from reaching you anymore.

twinme is based on WebRTC, the new standard for secure (encrypted) peer-to-peer real-time multimedia communications on the web.

twinme protects your privacy and confidentiality of your communications.


twinme removes all constraints imposed by today’s communication service providers. It opens up unlimited possibilities for people and companies in protecting and managing their online identities in accordance with their social lives, their activities, and their privacy constraints or preferences. Indeed, twinme allows you to become your own communications operator. All you need is a data connection over a WiFi or 3G, 4G/LTE mobile networks.

Since twinme communication services are based on WebRTC, the new web standard for secure (encrypted) peer-to-peer real-time video and audio communication and exchange of multimedia documents, you will benefit from state of the art HD (High Definition) multimedia interactions, as they are made available by the WebRTC open source developer community.

As opposed to many “free” mobile or web applications, twinme does not have any advertising, so nobody needs to know your personal data. Twinme business model is based on delivering paid content or services by businesses or professionals to their customers.

More information at: and

Try it with your friends and new encounters, and have fun!

Copyright Twinlife SAS

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