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GET Autoresponder


GET Autoresponder

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Updated April 23, 2014
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MMS / SMS Autoresponder (auto responder), MMS / SMS Scheduler, SMS Profiler and Auto SMS Sender and Holiday Greeting cards sender (for any holidays, family events and more) – All-in-One app for all who have busy life style.

MMS / SMS Autoresponder
Android Autoresponder for meetings, safe driving, good sleeping etc. Just schedule sms (mms) autoresponder and it will run in the background and auto reply to calls and SMS

Auto SMS Sender, MMS / SMS Scheduler, SMS Profiler
Set a schedule to auto SMS / MMS to preset list of contacts- good for, reminders, love sms, or just send SMS reminders to yourself.

Greeting Cards Sender
Good for holidays, family events, birthdays wishes, etc


★MEETING – Set “I am on the meeting” or “Go to meeting” auto responder busy message.

★DRIVE SAFELY – text android autoresponder will let people know (auto sms them) you\’re driving and will get back to them. Safe Drive Save Life!

★I\’M BUSY – Set your busy sms to be sent at the time you are busy

★HAPPY HOLIDAYS – record your personalized Voice or Video greeting card, turn on MMS scheduler and let all your friends and relatives know you are thinking of them in one go. – FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY

★GREETING CARD to schedule: Marry Christmas, Happy birthday, I love you, Get well, and more greetings.


✔ Multiple MMS / SMS auto responders and MMS / SMS schedulers
✔ SMS scheduler – schedule your auto SMS, MMS, greeting card or auto reply to be sent in the future
* multiple recipients can be chosen
* status bar notifications are triggered for sent messages and delivery reports
* history of sent and delivered messages is available
✔ Emergency list – a list of people whose phone calls you will receive any way
✔ Personalized list – a list of people whom you want to auto reply with personalized text
✔ Don\’t Auto Reply list – a list of people whose phone calls sms autoresponder won’t reply to
✔ You can set only one response to be sent to the same contact during status duration
✔ Set text android auto responder only to auto reply calls / sms that is your contacts or non contacts or both
✔ Set sms auto responder to reply ONLY calls or ONLY texts or both, once you driving
✔ Do not auto reply Facebook notifications
✔ Widget with quick sms text autoresponder overview
✔ Text and drive / meeting android app
✔ Silent mode schedule – set ringer mode to silent during status duration or set vibrate mode to silent or torn off both (ringer and vibration)
✔Customize your auto sms text.

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