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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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This is an email client derived from the popular, open source application K-9 Mail. Squeaky Mail integrates with PGP KeyRing, a crypto provider, empowering you with safe and simple email encryption services based on the PGP standard. Squeaky Mail has full support for both inline and PGP/MIME messages. If you are a user of PGP KeyRing, this email client will integrate seamlessly just as K-9 Mail does with APG. Both the trial and full versions of PGP KeyRing are supported.

* PGP/MIME support is only available with the PGP KeyRing provider (version 1.7 and above), not the APG provider.
* The entire message must first be downloaded before Squeaky Mail will recognize it as a PGP/MIME message.

There is also support for direct decryption of attachments with .gpg or .asc extensions. You will not have to switch between apps manually. In this case, you will have to know how to properly name your decrypted files.

The source code for Squeaky Mail can be accessed by visiting the Website, or simply go to:

A note about signature verification on certain email clients: PGP KeyRing only uses subkeys to sign and encrypt. It ignores the hint in each key about its use.

Squeaky Mail does not distribute personal information to third parties. It does not use personal information for any other purpose than to fulfill its basic functionality.

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