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UpdatedFebruary 4, 2014
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Snap*SMS allows you to send SMS text messages based on templates to groups of friends .
You have thousands of friends and you don’t want to send the classic anonymous message ?
Do you want to be sure to not forget to send birthday or anniversary wishes?
football match is moved at the last minute and you must notify to all players?
with Snap*SMS you can do it simple and fast.
With Snap*SMS you can send SMS text messages in three ways:
• Immediate shipping (select the group , write your message selections, and send the template )
• referral to a certain point in time (like for example sending a Christmas wishes or to remind everyone of football match) .
• Sending based on a specific date or event ( birthday , anniversary …) .

From the main menu you can:
• create your own groups like FAMILY , FOOTBALL , WORKING … selecting contacts directly from the address book included.
• create the template of the messages … you can use the variables $ {NAME} and $ {LAST_NAME} to customize it . For example: if you send a Christmas wishe ” Hello $ {NAME} , Merry Christmas ! ” to Merylin and James. Your friends will receive: ” Hello Merylin , Merry Christmas ! ” and ” Hello James , Merry Christmas ! ” .
• Create mailings scheduled time, for example you can send a message Happy New Year to your friends at midnight , or send a message on the birthday ( without running the risk of forgetting )
• send instant bulk . The football match is delayed ? Select the group , write your message and send .
• view the report of the activities … for scheduled shipments, check if the message was sent or not.
• change the settings … use email instead of SMS , require notification of receipt ( be careful… make sure it is included in the tariff plan ), or making tests without sending any real message.

You can also create scheduled events based on a personal event! Open your contact list and create an event type of “personal” giving it the name ” MYEEVENT ” … now you can use this event in SNAP *SMS to create a custom message based on this event.

Snap * SMS is available in both Italian and English.

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