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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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With Love Secret SMS you can communicate safely with your lover, and never be afraid that your wife, husband or fiancé reads your text messages and throws you out of home!
With Love Secret SMS you can quickly exchange encrypted text messages, which will reach the destination by the SMS system of your Android device. Download the application, choose your own password (must contain al least one digit!), exchange with your lover the encryption keys, and you’re done!
The encryption system of Love Secret SMS is based on the Serpent algorithm that was a candidate for selection for the AES standard encryption by the National Security Agency (NSA), in which ranked second because of speed issues, but, by all, it is considered safer than the current standard! Love Secret SMS takes all precautions to make 100% safe your communication, the messages are encrypted with a key of 32 characters randomly selected between 80 symbols whereby the probability to decrypt a message is comparable to that of winning the lottery for seven consecutive extractions, guessing the numbers in their exact order!
Even if your husband or your wife is an experienced electronics engineer, dismantling and analyzing the data on your phone, could do nothing to decipher your messages because nothing in your phone memory is stored in plain text: all messages, all data and all the keys are stored in encrypted form. For maximum safety, you may choose a secure password!
Love Secret SMS allows minimum password length of 8 and maximum 32 with at least one digit, but remember that the longer the password is and contains numbers and symbols, the farther away divorce will be!
Usage of Love Secret SMS is simple and intuitive, it looks like a normal sms messaging application. In the tab “Send” you can search a number in your address book, compose the message and send it, in tab “Sms” you have an archive of all messages and touching an encrypted message, an alert will show the clear text of the message. This mechanism may appear inelegant, but ensures that no plain text is saved on the phone storage even by the operating system in a temporary way. In the third tab “Contacts” will be listed the contacts with whom has been exchanged the encryption key and with whom you can exchange encrypted messages. You will also find the button to start the simple and fast bluetooth key exchange process. One of the two will send the contact, the other has only to make visible his or her own device, always in the bluetooth exchange contacts. Lastly, in the tab “Settings”, you can change the master password to access to Love Secret SMS and set a reset password which resets to zero the application configuration if used at boot, making it impossible to decipher any message. Enjoy your love!

Recent changes:
maximum number of contacts is now 11
removed monthly message limit

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