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SmartDial can be setup to manage multiple calling cards to save on long distance calling. After the setup, all you have to do is dial your destination number either from your address book or your recently called list. If setup properly, SmartDial will route the call by calling the access number and entering the PIN if any. Email or Call us if you need help with the setup.
If you have a VOIP device such as by AVM, you can call International at low rates by setting up SmartDial to call your VOIP device and then dial the destination number.
You can upgrade to Premium to disable ads and enjoy the cleaner user interface.
SmartDial v2.3 is now LIVE with new features.
* Disable SmartDial without uninstalling when you uncheck all calling cards.
* Long Press (tap and hold) on a calling card to copy, edit or delete the calling card.

SmartDial v2.2
* Once you have dialed a number, you can set a default calling card by tapping and holding the card in the menu.
* Premium access allows you to suppress ads. Paid members will continue to enjoy premium access as long as they maintain the same Google account, regardless of switching phones.
* A previous feature of calling via Vonage by auto-forwarding dialed number has been discontinued due to changes on Vonage website. However, Vonage extensions can still be used. Visit for more info
SmartDial v2.0
* Multiple Prefixes
* Options to add such as 'Language Selection', 'Place call' if calling cards ask for it in addition to PIN
* Lets you specify numbers to ignore calling cards
* Displays a menu afer dialing, to pick a card from multiple cards to place the call through
* Call log for quick reference and lets you email it
If it doesn't work on your phone, please email us at to let us help you. Know more about SmartDial at or Visit us on Facebook at to suggest new features, critique or just comment.

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