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GeoDialer: Calling Card Dialer


GeoDialer: Calling Card Dialer

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Do you use international phone cards, calling cards or dialing services to call your friends and loved ones? Do you regularly route premium-rate telephone calls through intermediate services to save you money?
With GeoDialer, you can make the process as simple as 1-2-3. Just dial the number as you normally would, using your phone's keypad or your contact list. GeoDialer will automatically reroute the call through the phone card, calling card or dialing service of your choice.
If you use your phone regularly in various countries, GeoDialer will help you select the phone cards or dialing services that are available in your current country.
Phone cards, calling cards and other dialing services may be registered and configured in a few easy steps.
GeoDialer stores your phone card and dialing service information to a backup resource linked to your Google account, allowing you to effortlessly transfer all your information to multiple phones.
This is the free, ad-supported version of the application. If you like this product, please consider purchasing the paid, ad-free version. This is available as a standalone app on the Play Store, or as a convenient in-app purchase.
GeoDialer 2.0 is available in English and Russian. French language support is coming soon.
Best used for:
– International dialing services
– International calling cards
– International phone cards
– Premium-rate phone numbers
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