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Hanukkah Wishlist


Hanukkah Wishlist

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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We hope you can use this special app to help your family celebrate Hanukkah. You can use this to let Judah the Hanukkah Man (and your parents) know what presents you most want for this joyous holiday. You can also use this app to give that much appreciated thank you to your parents for making sure you got exactly what you wanted.

About Hanukkah: What you should know is that this holiday means “dedication” in Hebrew, since this holiday celebrates the re-dedication (purifying and restoring) of the holy Jewish Temple in Jerusalem following the Jewish victory over the Syrian-Greek invaders a very long time ago. The Jewish troops, called Maccabees and led by the hero, Judah Maccabee, were determined to purify the Temple by burning ritual oil in the Temple’s Menorah for eight days. Although they discovered that there was only one day’s worth of oil left in the Temple, the Jewish people were very happy (and surprised) to see that this small amount of oil actually lasted the full eight days, and this is the special miracle of Hanukkah oil that is celebrated every year when Jews light their Hanukkah menorahs for eight days.

So go ahead and enjoy the miracle of the Hanukkah festival with your family by using this app to comple your Hanukkah wish list, lighting the menorah, collecting your Hanukkah gelt (chocolate gold coins), spinning your dreidels and eating latkes (potatoe pancakes) and sufganiyot (fried jelly donuts dusted with sugar)!

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