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Version 4.0.10
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Updated October 8, 2013
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!!! DECOCUTE has been downloaded 100,000 times. !!!
Drops make the campaign a month only to commemorate.

During the campaign, will be $1 all Emoticons pack, and Theme pack will be $3 all.

It also conducted a survey to improve the quality of the future, thank you for your cooperation

“DECOCUTE” is a mailer application that enables you to send “EMOJI”* & “Decome”* on Gmail.

-9/15: Ver.3.0.1 Ver.3.0.0 Update

-8/17: Ver.2.1.8 Update
Fixed: Crash after preinstall emoticons install.

-8/9: Ver.2.1.7 Update
-7/15: Ver.2.1.6 Update
Fixed: Crash after sending e-mail.
Fixed: disappearing mail body. when Transmission failure.
Fixed: other Minor bugs.

-7/7: Ver.2.1.5 Update
Fixed: can’t saved to the Drafts
Fixed: can’t saved Attached files

-7/5: Ver.2.1.4 Update
Fixed: Unable to enter the emoticons
Fixed: can not be selected Theme
Fixed: that failed to send and receive, e-mail
Fixed: can not be saved to the Drafts
Fixed: from the emoticon garbled
Fixed: ringing sincerely
Fixed: Other minor bugs

-7/3: Ver.2.1.3 Update
-7/1: Ver.2.1.2 Update

– Features
・Send/Receive mails on Gmail.
・Enjoy sending/receiving decorated mails.
・Receive mails automatically.
・Get more packages(Paid) for more emoticons.

– Support page

– “DECOCUTE” On your mobile
・GALAXY S SC-02B(2.2)
・REGZA Phone T-01C(2.1)
・Lynx3D SH-03C(2.1)
・DESIRE X06HT(2.2)
・SIRIUSα IS06(2.2)

Japanese term for picture characters or emoticons used in Japanese wireless messages and webpages.
Mailservice that enables you to decorate mails with GIF Animation.

■search word

Recent changes:
2011.10.04. Ver.4.0.1 Update

2011.10.04. Ver.4.0.0 Update
2011.10.04. Ver.3.0.8 Update
2011.10.03. Ver.3.0.7 Update
2011.09.30. Ver.3.0.6 Update
2011.09.20. Ver.3.0.5 Update
2011.09.20. Ver.3.0.4 Update
2011.09.16. Ver.3.0.3 Update
2011.09.16. Ver.3.0.2 Update
2011.09.15. Ver.3.0.1 Update
2011.09.15. Ver.3.0.0 Update
2011.08.17. Ver.2.1.8 Update
2011.08.09. Ver.2.1.7 Update
2011.07.15. Ver.2.1.6 Update
2011.07.07. Ver.2.1.5 Update

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