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my Secure Mail - email client

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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mySecureMail is an easy-to-use, powerful and secure e-mail client.
mySecureMail Free is well-designed e-mail app, successfully replacing other email clients (such as Gmail, K-9 Mail, Mail Droid, Aqua Mail etc) thanks to easier, faster and more intuitive user interface.

★★★ Key Features of mySecureMail Free ★★★
• No banner ads,
• Automatic setup for the most popular email accounts (gmail, yahoo, aol, etc),
• Supported mail protocols: SMTP, POP3 and IMAP (Exchange and Lotus Notes only when IMAP/SMTP service is enabled by the server administrator – full support in preparation),
• Instant notification for incoming email through push mail (IMAP IDLE) for servers that support it (eg, Gmail, GMX, etc.),
• Folders synchronization: Draft, Sent, Trash and user-created folders (IMAP).
• Full support for attachments (send, receive, open, save on the SD card),
• Email search – locally on the phone (off-line) and remotely on the mail server (on-line),
• Security: TLS and SSL support,
• Modern and intuitive interface,
• Many settings available to customize the client and the individual mail accounts for your own needs and preferences,
• Widgets (shortcuts to email accounts),
• Great performance,
• Extensive help and tutorials are available in the application,
• And much more.

★★★ mySecureMail with cryptographic features enabled ★★★
Once a license Is purchased, additional cryptographic features responsible for encryption and digital signature of emails (based on S/MIME, PKI [Public-Key Infrastructure] and PKCS standards) become available. This allows you to send secure messages and uniquely identify and verify both the sender and the recipient of signed messages sent.
E-mails encrypted by the sender can be read only by the addressee because only he has a unique private key, a certificate, and a password needed to decrypt them.
my Secure Mail is integrated with one of the world's widely recognized Certification Authority (CA). As a result, X.509 certificates used to verify the message signature or to encrypt email messages can be generated directly from the application in a few clicks.
mySecureMail can protect your privacy against PRISM! Note: PRISM is a large-scale, top-secret, electronic surveillance program run by the NSA, which monitors and collects e-mails, phone calls, messages, etc.

★★★ Key Features of mySecureMail with cryptographic features enabled ★★★
• Encryption of sent emails (3DES, AES),
• Email signing using electronic signature (SHA, RSA),
• Two 1-year X.509 certificates from widely recognized CA bundled with the purchased license,
• Ability to import existing third-party user certificates,
• Verification of certificates performed on-line by the OCSP,
• Easy exchange of certificates between users via a dedicated repository,
• Compatible with other SMIME clients (Thunderbird, Outlook etc),
• Certificates are extracted automatically from e-mails (.cer, .p12, .pfx etc),
• Signing, encryption and decryption of emails is protected by a password.

★★★ Technical support ★★★
If you have questions or problems, please contact us by mail:

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