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Chrome v Firefox Opera Browser


Chrome v Firefox Opera Browser

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Updated October 7, 2013
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This app is for informational purposes only. It contains a short report that compares the real world performance of the most popular internet browser apps for Android phones: Chrome, Dolphin Browser, Firefox, Opera and UC Browser.
The report contains results of download speed and data usage tests for these apps. The difference in download speed and data usage is also shown for cached sites and when the cache has been cleared. Two of the apps have data compression or image resolution reduction features, and these are tested too. Lastly, the report also shows the comparative RAM usage and app size.
We live in a time of incredible access to information due to the internet. However, often the quality of information cannot be verified or guaranteed, as anyone can provide the information, without being required to substantiate it. Reliable information about software and mobile apps is fairly rare. This series of reviews provides an objective and empirical way of assessment for consumers, enabling them to make more informed decisions.
Keywords: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Dolphin, UC Browser, Android internet browsers.

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