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學習How to Speak & Write Chinese


學習How to Speak & Write Chinese

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Updated October 7, 2013
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Do you want to learn how to speak and write Chinese? Do you want to learn more about China? Do you need information about the people in China and its culture….
Then this *學習How to Speak & Write Chinese* APP will surely help you a lot in learning how to speak and write Chinese fast. There are lots of free lessons and tips in learning Chinese language inside!
What are you waiting for? Start READING NOW!

Here is what you will learn inside…
– A bit of History and Background why Chinese is the no 1 language has the most number of native speakers in the world. List of countries use Chinese in majority and popular Chinese dialects.
– Why you need to learn Chinese? Why is it so important to learn Chinese in today world?
– What are the common challenges to learn new language and specifically Chinese? Tips to overcome them.
– How long does it take to learn basic Chinese? What are the best and easy way to learn Chinese
– Basic Chinese Symbols, Alphabet and Characters
– How to say and write LOVE YOU in Chinese with different dialect? + How to say I love you in Chinese to a girl? How to say I love you in Chinese to a man?
– Lessons to Learn Chinese for Free which includes 3 basic modules
– Learn Chinese For Business? The Pros And Cons
– Common Chinese Phases you need to learn when traveling to Chinese countries
– Knowing Chinese Culture will help you to learn faster. Read more here…
* Free Puzzle and Memo game to get you relax while using the app
Special Bonuses like
– Learn the second popular language in the world…
– Have Fun with this Chinese New Year Greetings and Wishes!
– A Social Confidence Coach Reveals the Secrets to Making Effortless, Confident and Captivating Conversation with Anyone
– FREE App which teaches how to get rid of Fear of Public Speaking
– Sound Mind will lead to a great idea for your book
– A sound mind in a sound body
and much, Much More!

Share this APP to all of your friends, family, relatives and love one's who wants to learn Chinese Language fast. Be an expert Spanish language speaker and writer after reading and viewing all tips in this APP. There are a lot of free apps inside. Check it out now!
Thanks a lot for your interest

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