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I\'m Shakti


I\'m Shakti

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Updated September 25, 2013
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During an emergency, we don't get lot of time to think and sometimes it's difficult to think straight. It is however important that your loved ones be notified, and that the authorities are able to pinpoint your exact location.
I'm Shakti (IMS) is an initiative by Notion Ink to build tools to enhance safety for Women, Kids and generally everybody. IMS provides you with the fastest and simplest way to contact your nearest and dearest during emergencies.
If you're in trouble and need to notify your emergency contacts, press your power button 5 times(within 2 seconds)!
All you have to do is set a/some emergency contact/s and your phone will send them an Emergency Text Message (SMS) with a preset message.
Your location will always be a part of your Emergency SMS, whether or not your GPS or Internet is on.
If neither are turned on, the Emergency SMS will include your approximate latitude and longitude from your mobile operator network.
If your GPS is on while your Internet is turned off, your latitude and longitude will be more refined.
If your Internet is on, the latitude and longitude from your mobile operator network or from the GPS is translated into a street address.
Note – To activate sending Emergency SMS, press the power button quickly 5 times within 2 seconds. Alternatively, you can open up the application and click on the button that says “Quick Send Emergency SMS”
There is no way to detect the Power/Lock button press on all the android phones through services. We are using the Screen On/Off intents which are sent when you press the Power button, to count the number of times it is pressed. What this means is that anything which turns the screen on and off (like a Phone call), has the potential to trigger the SMS sending. We have written an exception for phone calls and are continuously adding more exceptions. If you come across any other way of triggering the SMS sending, please let us know so you can help us improve the application.

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