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Skoop Texting is an upgraded stock messaging app. Skoop is faster, smoother, and better designed than the texting app that comes with your phone; in fact, it may be the fastest SMS replacement app out there. We’ve added a few bells and taken out a few whistles in order to make Skoop as fast and smooth of a texting / SMS experience that we could.

Unlike “Text Free,” “Heywire,” “Whatsapp,” or “TextPlus,” Skoop Texting uses your own phone number to text people. Skoop utilizes the text messaging plan provided by your carrier and is thus able to use your own phone number.

**Skoop will NOT work if you do not have a text messaging plan from a carrier.**

The company behind Skoop is dedicated to your satisfaction and is always open to your feedback. If you have an issue with Skoop, please do not write a review of the app saying “it didn’t work” — this does not help us improve the app. Instead, please contact us at and we’ll do our best to help. We’re constantly improving Skoop to make it the best texting / SMS experience available.

If you like Skoop Messenger and want us to continue to build out this awesome texting service, please leave us a lofty-worded praising in the comment section below!(it really helps) Thanks!

1) Double Notification Problem: In order to fix the double notification problem (one from Skoop Texting, the other from your old SMS or Texting app) open your old texting / SMS app and click on Settings >> Notifications >> turn off.

2) Homescreen: Add Skoop Messaging to your homescreen by either long-holding on your homescreen and adding the app or by going through your menu option. Personally, I would also recommend you download “Go Launcher” – unlike the Stock Launcher, Go Launcher allows you to also customize the bottom toolbar. If you do so, add Skoop Texting as the SMS / Texting tool.

3) We are also a big fan of MightyText! Check them out to text from your computer! Skoop texting is compatible with MightyText. Text a lot and have fun!

(Q1) Is Skoop Texting a free texting service?
(A1) Skoop Texting is NOT a free texting service (such as TextNow , TextMe , Textie , Line Text Messaging , or any number of other Free Text Messaging services out there). Instead, Skoop Texting utilizes your phone provider / carrier to send out SMS.

However, to download the app itself (Skoop Texting) and have an upgraded texting experience is 100% free! Keep sending those texts to friends and family in a speedy, fashionable way!

(Q2) Does the recipient need to have Skoop Texting in order for them to receive my texts?
(A2) No, Skoop Texting is just a faster, smoother, and better looking version of the stock text messaging app. Your friends will see your texts from your number. We are not an IM-based texting service like WhatsApp , Kik , Viber , Yahoo Messenger , FB Messenger , Viber , eBuddy , shoutout , or Live Profile. Skoop Texting does not use your Data Plan to send text messages, rather it uses your text messaging plan.

(Q3) Does Skoop Texting accept donations?
(A3) Skoop Texting does not accept donations at this point; however, the best way you can help us is by leaving a good review of Skoop Texting below. We do, however, appreciate the thought and are grateful for our many supporters. We just want to build the best texting experience possible for our users!

Recent changes:
Working on some highly-requested customization options… will come in the next little while 🙂

If you like Skoop Messenger,please leave us a great rating and comment.

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