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Feeling Recorder
Have you ever met such a situation that when you have
a special feeling that you want to take it down, but you find that you don’t
have a notebook or a pen? After a while, you want take down the feeling, but
the feeling has gone, you can’t remember it. What a pity! If you have a
notebook which can take along everywhere, you will write your feeling whenever
and wherever.
I’d like to introduce a good app which is fit you very
much. Its name is Feeling Recorder. Feeling Recorder is a completely free app;
as long as you have a mobile phone, you can take down your notes whenever and
OK, let me introduce it in detail.
1. Perhaps you would not like others to read your
feeling, so we set a safe system. You must set a password before you use this
app. The password is special. There are nine points that you need create a
password by connect them.
2. You can click the feeling button to write your
feeling down. Don’t forget to click the save button. Your feeling will be
recorded with time.
3. In order to make this app more practical, we
provide two more functions. You can keep a diary. When you keep a diary,
remember to input the type, time, content, title and don’t forget to save.
4. You also can take notes using with this app. When
you take a new note, you need to input the title and content. Save it. You can
search the history of your notes.
Feeling Recorder is a practical and useful. If you use
it once, i believe you will love it.

Do you know feeling?
Actually, feeling is the nominalization of the verb to
feel. The word was first applied in the English language to describe the
physical sensation of touch through either experience or perception. The word
is also applied to describe experiences, other than the physical sensation of
touch, such as “a feeling of warmth”.

In psychology, the word is generally reserved for the
conscious subjective experience of emotion. Phenomenology and hetero-phenomenology are philosophical approaches that offer some basis for
knowledge of feelings. Many schools of psychotherapy base on the therapist
achieving some kind of understanding of the client’s feelings, for which
methodologies exist. Some theories of interpersonal relationships have a role
for shared feelings or understanding of another person’s feelings.

Perception of the physical world does not result in a
universal reaction among receivers, but varies basing on one’s tendency to
handle the situation, how the situation relates to the receiver’s past
experiences, and the number of other factors. Feelings are also called as a
state of consciousness, such as that resulting from emotions, sentiments or

The phrase “gut feeling” could also be applied
as a short-hand term for an individual’s “common sense” perception of
what is considered “the right thing to do”; such as: helping an
injured passerby, avoiding dark alleys and usually acting in accordance with
instinctive feelings about a given situation. It could point to simple common
knowledge phrases which are true no matter when said, such as “Water is
wet”, “Fire is hot”, or to ideas that an individual intuitively
regards as true, without proof.
Gut feelings, like all reflexive unconscious
comparisons, could be re-programmed by practice or experience.———–More info————
I hope you like this app, or like this version, it’s my happy~~~ This app is free free free! No memony needed! I just hope you can enjoy it! This app includes some ads, such as icon ad, notification ad, or some other different ads. If you don’t like them, you can just uninstall this app, and say goodbye to me~~~~><

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