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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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BlueYah! is many tools in one. The possibilities are endless!

Tired of someone not answering your call? Need to protect your identity? Give BlueYah! a try!

* pick contact from phone book as fake caller
* customize ringtone & vibration-alarm clock
* add fake call to call log
* play pre-recorded voice when call is answered
* widget for quick fake-calling
* call someone and go straight to their voice mail
* can schedule fake call on a particular time (some users have used it as an alarm)
* record your calls

Free trial available. Don’t miss out on the coolest app in the market.

Get CRAZY with BlueYah! BlueYah includes a voice changer to let you change your voice, and a call recording feature that lets you record calls. Soon BlueYah will allow users to play background sounds while they are in a call so you can make it sound like you are at a sporting event, on a construction site, in a car wreck, or whatever you want. The possibilities are endless. Also send your self a fake SMS. Great for making prank calls to friends. When prank calling friends, you can sound like a girl or boy. Great tool to catch a cheating spouse, cheating husband, cheating wife, or cheating boyfriend or cheating girlfriend. This app does not offer caller ID spoofing or the ability to fake your caller id like spoofapp, caller id faker, bluff my call, spoofcard, phone gangster, etc. Nor does it allow you to call yourself like Fake Caller. Call spoofing apps are no longer in the market. You have probably heard of the phone hacking scandals in the UK. It is against our Terms of Service to use this app for illegal or unethical activities such as harassment, revenge, etc. Just have fun with BlueYah. It is a great for using within practical jokes and/or funny humor pranks. Loads of fun. We hope to be the top selling app in the Android market very soon (look out Angry Birds and Paper Toss :). We recommend checking back often to see what new features we come up with. Get CRAZY with BlueYah! Check out these other great apps: RoboDefense, Fruit Ninja, Mafia Wars, Mafiawars, Casino, Blackjack, Black Jack, Kakao Talk,, Weather, Pandora, Horoscope, Task Killer, Doodle Jump, Root, Astro, ESPN, Sports, Shazam, AppBox, Skype, Bejeweled, Paper Toss, Bump, Rhapsody, gmote, TiKl, Issuu Mobile, SoundHound, iFart, Barnical, Droid, and Twitter.

Recent changes:
** Version 5 makes email activation optional. We offer 5 free minutes to users who wish to activate their email address with us. **

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