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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Call Me in China, optimized specifically for China and Hong Kong, makes it easy for contacts back home to reach you in China or Hong Kong.

When you sign up, you choose an exclusive phone number in your home country. You then give your new number to friends, family, customers, or anyone who may want to call you. They’ll be connected directly to your phone in China or Hong Kong. You pay a low monthly fee for your number and a per-minute rate for calls. The person calling you just pays their usual fee for a local call which is often FREE!

The Call Me in China mobile app gives you more flexibility while you’re on the move. With the Call Me in China mobile app, you can:

* Change your destination number. For example, if you’re on your way from Shanghai to Hong Kong, you can start the Call Me in China app and change your destination number from your number in Shanghai to your number in Hong Kong. People back home will just call your Call Me in China number as usual and connect to you. Or, if you’re traveling back to your home country, you can change your destination phone number to a family member’s or a friend’s.
* Make a callback. With the Call Me in China application, you don’t need to rely on people calling you to connect; you can make outgoing calls to your friends, family and customers that originate with the number they know as yours. When you make a callback, the Call Me in China calls you immediately, then makes a second call to your party, and connects you.

We are dedicated to constantly improving our service and we’re relying on your feedback regarding the app. With your constructive support and comments, we’ll continue to release updates that will raise the bar for call quality and reliability to China. Thanks for your support!

The Call Me in China app will soon available on the iPhone.

Recent changes:
Version 1.01:

1) Improved stability during orientation changes
2) Small text changes

Version 1.0:

1) Set your destination
2) Make a callback

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