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Are you looking for relaxation? Are you looking for sound sleep? Are you a music therapy practitioner looking for music to be added into your collection? Are you interested in trying out some soothing flute music played in the oldest classical form of music on earth ? Please read on!!!

Well trained music therapy practitioners equipped with soulful, powerful and relevant music are slowly becoming angels of wellness and relaxation. This application is an attempt to spread Indian raga based music among music therapy practitioners all across the globe. It also aims to reach music therapy aware public who prefer wellness rather than treatment.

Team RealEEZ have gathered a list of diseases and the ragas with proven curing effects on these diseases, as published by leading music therapy research authorities in the country. The ragas helpful to cure different diseases are organized inside different wellness “Rooms”. There are 20+ rooms as of now and more will be added in an ongoing basis. A few of the currently available rooms are Low BP room, High BP room, Sleep Disorder room etc. The feel good room is an ideal place to get relaxation from all your stress and worries. The Sleep disorder to wellness room is designed to give sound sleep to whoever hears the tracks with concentration.

Advanced scientific researches all underline the positive effect of music therapy in helping curing diseases. Music is getting proved as a highly effective supplementary medicine for mental and physical wellness right from infants up to seniors. Number of well trained music therapy practitioners and the fraction of hospitals which have included music therapy programs are increasing. Numerous cases have already been reported wherein even the terminally ill patients getting relief through music therapy!

Now a brief background on the relationship between music therapy and Indian philosophy – Keeping surprising links with the still evolving quantum mechanical modeling of the universe, Indian philosophy states the entire world is created out of a primordial sound. Each living and non-living thing are part of a web of interacting vibrations. The physical and mental activities and the associated reactions create undesirable vibrations in tissues, nerves and even in mind. Diseases originate in this way!

Indian Raga based music therapy proposes powerful sounds which can revive the original vibrations of the affected part of the body/mind. Each Raga if properly played, invokes the optimal performance in different nervous centers which spread along the spinal cord, in the body tissues and of course calms the mind down. (Just try Saying the sound Niii used in Indian music (extend the “Ni” in “Nixon” in an unending fashion) and feel where your body vibrations are maximum, it should be at the top of the head. Similarly carefully chosen Raga frequencies affect different portions of the body.)
When we hear sleeping raga, the music merges the body and mind into the raga and the result is sound sleep as what happened when Omkar Nath played music for Mussolini, when the latter was suffering from sleep issues. When a memory/intellectual raga is heard, the result is the memory cells getting soothing vibrations and better vitality to rectify the issues. More the exposure, better should be the results!
It means that music therapy is not just limited to mental satisfaction and the associated positive effects. But it has significant physical effects too!
Best of music therapy to all music therapy practitioners!
Best of music therapy to all music therapy aware public!

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