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Foam Roller Workouts


Foam Roller Workouts

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These routines deliver results without drenching you in sweat

Staying dry is the perfect excuse to finally do some serious foam rolling. Grab one of these versatile pieces of equipment to work out the kinks in your muscles, relax your neck, or amp up traditional strength moves or yoga poses. The possibilities are endless!

Proprioception (your body and brain’s signaling system) training can help you improve your balance, reaction time, and overall performance both in and out of the gym. The ‘proprioceptors’ located in your joints, ligaments, and muscles act as sensors that provide your body with information needed to determine the best reaction to certain movements or situations. Doing exercises that deliberately work to engage this system can help improve your reaction time.
Try incorporating the roller into some basic strength training moves. For example, place it under your back foot during a lunge and row combo [as shown], lie on top of it during chest presses, or try a bridge on it.

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