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SLEEP AID – BINAURAL BEATS FREE APP. Included in this app is a 20 minute binaural beats recording to help you get to sleep and then have a restful nights sleep. You’ll also get other binarual beats tracks and videos to help with rest, some special binaural waves for lucid dreaming plus a guide about binaural beats and the different uses and wavelengths.

There are many benefits to binural beats music. Well Being is probably the most noticeable advantages of binaural tones giving impact on your sense of self and well-being.
When you utilize binaural beats, you’ll may experience powerful positive emotions and feelings including excitement, peace, happiness, euphoria & delight.
These happen without any true effort on your part, and tend to alternate with each session. You’ll definitely “feel better” after every session.

A lot of users also report that others (strangers, friends and colleagues) tend to respond in a friendlier way after utilizing binaural tones.
If you trust that “you attract into your life what you put out”, then you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll definitely be sending “better vibes” after every session. Individuals will just “know” that you’re in a positive, resourceful mood, and will respond accordingly.
A different key benefit of binaural tones is the effect on your peacefulness. Not only will you feel deeply relaxed when utilizing the technology, but afterwards you’ll feel calm, peaceful and content.
This is most likely to do with the fact that you’re presenting your brain a well-deserved break and effectively sending it to sleep awhile. The effects are really similar to those reported by meditators.
Clinical studies have found that binaural beats help to diminish mild anxiety too, and increase alertness and focus.
Effects on the Body
Many scientific and clinical trials have been carried out into the advantages of binaural tones on the body.
These studies provide some of the most powerful proof that brainwave entrainment (BWE) truly works. For a start, when you utilize binaural beats or meditation machines your endorphin release goes up, as does the production of serotonin.

These are the “happy hormones” that your body releases when you work out at the gym, have fun with friends, have sex, or fall in love. Needless to say, this feels quite nice!
Another of the advantages of binaural beats is that your body will intensify its catecholamine production (a hormone powerfully associated with bettered memory).
Another of the advantages of binaural tones on the body is an increase in DHEA. This hormone comes from the adrenal glands also, but this is a “good hormone”.
Scientists say that DHEA is utilized as a “source ingredient” for virtually every hormone the body needs, and is reported to reduce the impact of disease and ageing.
In addition, a high level of DHEA is likely to result in a vibrant and healthy body, and a potent immune system. A study has shown that utilizing binaural beats increases your DHEA production levels by an average of 47% (although this particular test admittedly utilized a small sample group).
Finally, utilizing the same small control group, users of binaural beats for just four days saw an average 98% increase in melatonin production. Melatonin is the chemical your body makes when you go into a deep, natural sleep. As such, one of the key benefits of binaural tones is that you’ll sleep much better and feel more rested after utilizing them.

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