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Moodlytics, Smart Mood Tracker

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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What is Moodlytics?
• Moodlytics is a platform comprising of your Moods and its Analytics. It's a Mood Tracker App, which allows you to log your moods and track them periodically through graphs, charts and calendars. In other words its sort of Mood Journal or a Mood Diary.
Why Moodlytics?
• The more you log your moods, the better you build your mood journal. Stronger your mood journal is, the better tracking and analysis you can perform. Thus conclusively moodlytics helps you to log your moods, maintain a mood journal, track your moods through charts, calendars and graphs and perform a deep analysis for \”Happiness\”
• Apart from rich user interface and best visuals, its the following features that makes us more better and stronger than some of the already existing apps like T2 Mood tracker, e Moods Bipolar Mood Tracker, I Journal, Mood Scanner, Mood Tracker – Depression, Period Tracker, Mood Panda etc.
Log your moods. Log Past Moods too.
Tag notes, photos and people for moods.
Maintain Mood journal through Charts and Calendars. (Better Visuals)
Track & analyze your Moods (Variety of options, useful options).
Set Goals and To-do’s.
Set Mood Logger reminders & profiles.
Customize and personalize your moods.
Add new moods very easily.
Share your moods on Facebook and Twitter.
Backup your precious data.
Restore saved data at any time.
Application privacy for authorized access only.
Move App to SD Card.

How Moodlytics helps you?
Teenagers – Track your most funny moments of life, naughty mischiefs, birthday celebrations, misunderstandings, fights, stress during exams etc.
Professionals & Entrepreneurs – Track your working day, your stress level, your conflicts with your Boss, interaction with colleagues and other staff members, a fruitful meeting, a new decision, a successful project launch, a financial success etc.
Patients (Depression & Mood disorder) – Track your depressed and gray moods; Track your lighter moments and happiest moods. The app will help you in identifying the reason behind your mood swings and their disorder. It will help you in identifying what actually makes you happy and what keeps you away from happiness
Our Reviews:
Sessy: Cute & functional!
Go for the Pro version, its WELL worth it if you’re serious about tracking your headspace. Great app to track your moods – good AND bad – and what triggers them! Ladies its amazing for keeping track of your PMS/PMDD & what triggers it too so you’re more self-aware! You can add more moods & triggers (categories) as well! Love this, I use it every day!
Alexander: Incredible tool for tracking concepts realization
I use „goals“ as concepts list. While taking a walk I get ideas in my head. Very handy to write down it immediately to the goals list to realize in future. Think about it as the Meta to-do list 🙂 While me at recreation reminder helps me get better understanding of current situation. And during working process I used to off reminder and called application manually to set the milestone for my project.
Scott: Best In Class! Outstanding!
This is an extremely polished app. The interface is easy to use and understand. Extremely well thought through. Also, I bought the paid version and hadn't received an unlock key. Sent them an email and they responded very quickly and were very polite. So, on top of that… EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thanks for the great work! I look forward to see what’s in store!
Share your experience or help us improve
What do you think is it just an app or a life long companion? If you like it, please post your reviews and share the app with your friends and family. If you find something missing or have some points on improvement of app, write us to
We would love to hear praises, feedbacks and even critics to make Moodlytics even better so we can spread more happiness!
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